Pictures, Words and Magic

Sent the first package for the cultural exchange project a few days ago.

This one is going to Thailand!

tumblrbot asked:

This may be an automated question, but it is so perfect I had to respond!

I would love to got back to France! There’s so much I wasn’t able to experience in my limited time there. I keep adding to my list of places I need to visit once I’ve returned. At the moment, my dream is to stay at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore for a few weeks reading and getting to know the other writers and readers. I imagine myself feeling so enriched and inspired by the books and community that I’m able to write something wonderful—even if it’s just a short piece. I would drink wine, eat wonderful food, and take pictures while I wander the streets of Paris. Then I would go to visit Monet’s house in Giverne and take even more pictures. Once I’d returned to Paris I would check out all the big museums I haven’t made it to yet. After all, other than me, who goes to Paris and doesn’t visit the Louvre?  

As far as places I haven’t been to, I would love to go all over Italy and Spain. And Ireland. And India. And I’m going to stop myself from continuing because I was only supposed to name one!