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Sent the first package for the cultural exchange project a few days ago.

This one is going to Thailand!

Letter & Souvenir Exchange

Hello Friends!
My name’s Amber, I’m 22, I’m from Puerto Rico and I’ve decided to start a new souvenir & letter exchange project!:*
I will send a letter about Puerto Rico along with (a) souvenir(s) to whoever writes me a letter about their country and sends me (a) souvenir(s).
 How it works: 
  1. Inbox me to ask for my address and answer the following questions in a letter: Where are you from? What’s it like living there?  What language(s) do you speak? Are there any interesting aspects of your country (history and/or culture) that you could tell me about? If I ever visit your country, where should I go and what should I do? What kind of food do people eat in your country & what does it taste like/how do you eat it? Do you have a favorite artist from your country? What kind of music do people in your country create/listen to? Do you enjoy living there? Why or why not?  It would be nice if you included a photo (or a postcard) of somewhere interesting in your country. Also, could you please include your tumblr URL so I can know who you are? 
  2. Add a souvenir(s), send and wait for my response! (If you can’t think of what to include, keep in mind that I collect magnets and postcards! It also can just be something cute, and not souvenir-y :) )
Also, feel free to tell me a bit about yourself so that I can have a better idea of what to give you (for example, if you like cooking, you play an instrument, what your favorite color is, like jewelry with hearts or anything else you think might be useful!)
*This project was inspired by the
to whom I am in the process of writing a letter presently. Feel free to check out the Tellmemoreaboutyourcountry tumblr and participate in that exchange as well!
Examples of some of the souvenirs you might get!


tumblrbot asked:

This may be an automated question, but it is so perfect I had to respond!

I would love to got back to France! There’s so much I wasn’t able to experience in my limited time there. I keep adding to my list of places I need to visit once I’ve returned. At the moment, my dream is to stay at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore for a few weeks reading and getting to know the other writers and readers. I imagine myself feeling so enriched and inspired by the books and community that I’m able to write something wonderful—even if it’s just a short piece. I would drink wine, eat wonderful food, and take pictures while I wander the streets of Paris. Then I would go to visit Monet’s house in Giverne and take even more pictures. Once I’d returned to Paris I would check out all the big museums I haven’t made it to yet. After all, other than me, who goes to Paris and doesn’t visit the Louvre?  

As far as places I haven’t been to, I would love to go all over Italy and Spain. And Ireland. And India. And I’m going to stop myself from continuing because I was only supposed to name one! 

Exciting news:

Friday I heard back from my program and they WILL be funding my trip to South Africa over Winter Break! I cannot believe it worked out…I’m actually going to South Africa and I cannot wait! I wonder what the experience will be like?